Dillards Jobs

Dillard’s is a large department store chain with over three hundred stores across the country. With more than one hundred and fifty thousand employees working in a wide range of different positions, there are many Dillards jobs to choose from, all of which offer competitive pay and benefits as well as great career prospects. Whether you are looking for some extra income by working in a part time position, or are looking for a long term career working for one of the countries most successful retailers, you can be certain that there is a perfect job for you at Dillard’s.

As you might expect the majority of people who have Dillards jobs work in one of the company’s many stores. However as well as this there are also Dillard’s jobs available in non-store positions such as corporate jobs at Dillards HQ, or working in a regional office for one of the company’s various divisions. Below you will find information about working at Dillard’s stores, career options at Dillards and finally advice on how to apply for a position.

Dillards Store Jobs

An in-store Dillards job demands all the skills and responsibilities you would expect from a retail job. Providing friendly and helpful customer service, along with a focus on meeting sales targets are the key responsibilities for a Dillard’s employee working within a department store. Many Dillards branches are located at large retail centers and as such are usually very large stores with a number of different departments.

Although the importance on customer service and sales is the same whichever department you are employed in, the variety of different departments within a Dillard’s store means there are a wide range of different store jobs available depending on your interests and skills. Departments at a typical Dillards store offer services ┬áincluding furniture, personal shopping, wedding registries and even salons and day spas.

So as you can imagine, the required skills and responsibilities for a Dillard’s job can vary quite a lot depending on which department you work in. Compared to other employers Dillards offers a good range of benefits to its employees including competitive pay, health and life insurance, dental and vision plans, paid vacations, and of course an employees discount (up to 20%).

Dillards Careers

Whilst Dillards offer great employment opportunities if you are just looking for a regular job to pay the bills, they also provide a wealth of career paths if you are looking for something more long term. Starting from an entry level position within a Dillard’s store, there are promotional opportunities and development programs available which can see you promoted to departmental supervisor and manager positions. After that there is the scope to become a store manager and beyond.

There are also a variety of corporate jobs available at Dillards. There are a number of Dillard’s corporate and divisional offices across the country, with the HQ based in Arkansas. There are a broad range of different opportunities available, from accounting and auditing through to marketing and human resources. If you are at college or a recent graduate then you could consider applying for a internship at Dillards which can give you some great experience of the day to day operations of a major retailer.

Applying for a Job at Dillards

With the majority of companies now providing dedicated careers websites it had to be said that Dillards is lagging a little behind in this respect. There is a careers section on the Dillard’s website which offers some basic information about Dillards jobs and careers, however searching for available job positions and applying online is not as straight forward as it could be.

Each Dillards store has its own page on the Dillard’s site. To see if there are any job openings at your local store use the store finder on the Dillards website. Once you have found the store you are looking for click on “view this store’s homepage”. Then at the top of your local store’s homepage is a navigation bar which should have a “jobs” option. You will then be presented with any available jobs at your local Dillard’s branch.

Most times the site will say there are no available postions, even during busy periods like the holidays, and it appears that the listings are rarely updated. If you are looking for an in-store position at Dillards then it is recommended that you get in touch with the store directly via phone or in person to inquire about any currently available job openings.

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