Wachovia Jobs

If you’re looking for job and career openings in banking then Wachovia should certainly be on your short list of employers to consider. Wachovia Bank was up until recently one of the largest banking companies in America however it was hit pretty hard in the financial crisis and was subsequently bought out by Wells Fargo in a government forced merger to avoid a collapse of the bank. Wachovia has recovered fairly well and once again can provide stable, long term career opportunities for those searching for a job in finance.

The merger between the two banks is still an on-going process. The plan is to convert much of the Wachovia branding to the Wells Fargo name so eventually the Wachovia name may disappear completely but for the time being it remains as ‘Wachovia Bank, a division of Wells Fargo’. Despite the uncertainty of the recent unrest, there is little reason to be put off from applying for Wachovia jobs – the merger was well thought through, wasn’t rushed and as such has been hailed as successful by business analysts. In fact since Wachovia’s acquistion it has consistently topped customer satisfaction surveys.

Wachovia has over three thousand consumer banking branches around the United States and provides jobs to over one hundred thousand employees. As with many other large banking companies there are job openings available in a variety of roles ranging from working as a teller in a retail branch to careers in more specialized areas of finance such as securities and investments. If you haven’t worked for a bank before then a Wachovia job as a teller or telephone banker are ideal first roles which will allow you to get on the career ladder. If you have more experience there are plenty more employment choices to choose from including personal banker, mortgage consultant or project manager. Beyond that there is further diversity still in roles such as web developer, security analyst or systems engineer.

Since Wachovia has merged with Wells Fargo the job positions and recruitment and application process are very much the same. Have a look at our Wells Fargo profile page for more information as jobs and careers with either of these banks is rather similar. In fact the Wachovia careers site now redirects to Wells Fargo and you can view and apply for job positions at both banks via this careers portal.

Applying for Wachovia Careers

If you think that Wachovia offers the right job and career opportunities for you then the application process is rather straight forward and the best way to go about it is using the careers site mentioned above. Here you can create a profile with your experience and qualifications along with your contact details. You can then search all Wachovia job openings and filter the results down to specific areas or employment types.

If you can’t find an ideal job position then you can add your profile to the database which will alert you when the right job becomes available and will also allow the Wachovia recruitment team to find your information. If you do spot a job you like the look of then you can apply and will receive a confirmation email. Your profile will then be reviewed by a recruiter and if you meet the required criteria you will be contacted for an interview which can take place over the phone or face to face with a hiring manager. So remember when searching for employment in banking and finance that Wachovia jobs and careers might well be the right choice for you.

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